So many
things to do.

So much life to love.

Who said aging is lonely and boring? They certainly didn’t live at Lanes. Our philosophy at creating Lanes is to offer an enriching experience that all seniors can enjoy, regardless of the limitations they may face with aging.

Here are some great examples of how Lane’s offers so much life to love.


Carolyn and Calvin



Just “breathe”
in the Atrium.
Loving life doesn’t have to mean go go go. Sometimes it’s just finding a big open space that you can sit back in and unwind. Lane’s has many of those, but the centerpiece is certainly our Central Atrium: a 3 story sunlit retreat, with a 30’ waterwall, a 10’ wide fireplace and a relaxing music backdrop with a baby grand piano. Now that’s living!
Whether you enjoy water aerobics or are a relaxing soaker, our resort style pool area has plenty of options to get the blood flowing and the aches and pains melting away.
Splash in the heated pool, sit and “chill” in our temperature controlled hot tub, or work up a little sweat in the cedar sauna. And if you have a little trouble managing the pool or hot tub steps, no problem, our certified staff will assist you with our hydraulic lift chair…so where’s the towel?
It’s a walk in the park… our park!
Even our private gardens rivals the best you’ll find in public spaces. From our ample seating areas to our mini golf course, vegetable plots, performers center and central barbeque deck, you’ll find plenty of reasons to include a walk in the park in your daily routine.
Shall we go to the theatre dear?
Sound a little grand? The only thing grand about our fully equipped in house movie theatre is the grand time that you’ll have with family and friends as you watch first run movies on the big screen. 30’ of technicolor with full surround sound and comfortable theatre-style seating will ensure that movie night is a popular time, any night of the week….free popcorn anyone?
Delicious dining everyday.
From the chef prepared meals at Sheila’s restaurant to coffee house options at Robins, to the private dining room you can book for special events with your family and friends, everyday dining will become a memorable experience at Lane’s. And our skilled team always finds ways to make our health-sensitive menu super tasty and heart friendly.
Bowl a frame or two in the alleys at O’Malley’s.
Over the past 20 years, bowling has become a favorite pastime of seniors. From senior’s leagues to pure recreation, it’s a great way to let loose and have some fun. At Lanes we even have a bowling aide if bending is a little tougher than it used to be. Just line things up and let it go! Or you can just sit and watch the action from a pub side table. Invite your friends, children, grandchildren or great grandchildren to drop in and “show you what they’ve got”.
Share a pint at O’Malley Pub.
Drop in and tell Jake about your favourite concoction. He’ll make sure the ingredients are ready whenever you’re in the mood. Shirley temples? Grape knee highs? Tom Collins? Pinot grigio? Jake’s there to please. And he’s always happy to have a chat and keep the music going. Anyone for a little Irish set?
Get your “look” on at K-Studio@lanes
Some days there’s nothing better than a bit of me-time, when a bright hair style, a “bit of color” or a relaxing pedicure provides just the “pick me up” you need to see the world with a jump in your step. The perfect start to a celebratory dinner at Sheila’s, a song or two at O’Malleys and a feature movie!
A great coffee shop experience without leaving the building.
In today’s world, it seems like there are great coffee shops around every corner! So why should seniors living be any different? Gather up your friends and head down to Robin’s coffee on the main level. Tell a few stories, have a few laughs, and enjoy fresh brewed coffee from the professionals. (No umbrella’s or parking passes required)
Work out those little kinks with a little gym-time.
No “resort” would be complete without a well-equipped fitness center to balance out all the guilty pleasures that you can enjoy with great retirement living. The entire center was built for seniors, including assists to make it easier to access the exercise equipment. Do as much or as little as you need to keep feeling healthier and happier every day.

…and so much more.

All of these great amenities provide our residents with an engaging and enriching experience, but it doesn’t end there. Throughout our entire four level facility you will find spaces and activities that stimulate the mind and body in ways that will have you feeling younger and more inspired. Cooking classes, craft room activities, library retreats, singing in the Ladybug Choir, field trips and a life-size chess room are some of the many other features that are just waiting to be explored.

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